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The Compass Fellowship

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The Compass Fellowship

Our Flagship program, supporting first-year university students on their social entrepreneurial journeys.
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Shift Series

Our annual national conference brings together hundreds of innovators from different fields and backgrounds.
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Work with Us

Compass provides peer-to-peer mentorship and connections with senior innovators to support the next generation of social entrepreneurs.
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  • “I remember telling my mom on the phone that school should be like Compass: learning because you want to. I have found the people I am around are so motivated. I have always known that I wanted my life to be filled with work that pursued something greater than just monetary fulfillment; the Compass fellowship has given me the tools and direction I need to make that dream of mine a reality. I now understand that a ‘social business’ is not what a business could be, but what a business should be. The Compass culture is filled with so many wonderful, intelligent, and downright fun people, that I could not imagine my freshman year without it.”

    Duncan GillespieCompass Fellow, 2009

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