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Hey! Welcome to the Georgetown Chapter of the Compass Fellowship!

Here you’ll find a lot of information on how our community produces incredible social entrepreneurs. You can meet the amazing Mentors leading this year’s Fellowship, see the growth and change we’ve produced at Georgetown and in our Fellows, and learn how you can bring your passions to life by joining The Compass Fellowship at Georgetown.

What is the Compass Fellowship?

The Compass Fellowship is a unique community of 15 freshmen Fellows and 6 upperclassmen Mentors who want to become social entrepreneurs!  Each week the Fellowship meets with a CEO, author, or social activist to discuss weekly themes that range from setting goals to incorporating a business.

Through these weekly modules and even more personalized meetings with Mentors, Fellows leverage their passions by developing a social business that they ultimately launch!  Additionally Fellows are exposed to the four

Main Compass Fellowship events: a community-building Retreat, speed-networking Bootcamp, Shift Series Conference in Washington, DC, and a Graduation Reception in which Fellows present their ventures!

Are you interested in getting involved?

We would love you to join our Compass family. If you’re an alum, local business, or just someone who’s interested in social entrepreneurship, we would love you to consider participating in the Fellowship. We always are looking for speakers, mentors and kindred spirits in our local community. E-mail our Executive Director, Alex Simon, at alex.simon@compasspartners.org to find out ways to get involved!

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